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Old Toronto Beer Tour

perfect giftCelebrating a passion for beer, food and travel, The Old Toronto Beer Tour™ is an all day Saturday tour that explores the culture and history of Toronto against the backdrop of our rich brewing heritage both past and present.

The Old Toronto Beer Tour is an all-inclusive travel experience, with tutored tastings, transportation, lunch and sightseeing -- all hosted by our fun and knowledgeable craft beer and history experts.
Full Old Toronto Beer Tour Itinerary

Old Toronto Beer Tour - All inclusive price: $129 includes all beer samples, a light lunch, bus transportation, VIP brewery visits and tour guide. (Plus HST

Add on a 4-course gourmet beer dinner evening for an extra 50 bucks for an all-inclusive price of $179.00 (plus HST)


Remember, life is to enjoy but don't drink and drive.


Old Toronto Beer Tour
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granite brewery

"This full-day, guided tour event was full of Toronto beer history, camaraderie and, of course, drinking excellent craft beers from some of downtown Toronto’s best breweries. Lead by Oliver Dawson, a man who’s worked with the likes of Upper Canada, a man who's led beer tours across Europe, a man who knows more about the history of beer in our fair city than anyone I’ve ever encountered. Seriously, if it’s worth knowing, Oliver knows it!" more of this review...

Rave Reviews about our Tours!

"...It was truly amazing to have someone that's passionate about beer and its local history leading us around for a whole day. Parts of Toronto I've passed dozens of times without a thought, were now revealed to be greatly important in the history of brewing in Toronto. To say it was an eye-opening day would be a great understatement."

"It was as close to a perfect day as any beer lover could have ever asked for. This was an experience that I'd recommend to any one and one that I would take again in a heartbeat."

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Custom Toronto Tours also available
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Chris Lunch

Pilar CabrereThe Spirit of Oaxaca Mexico: A Beer & Mezcal Cultural Tour

October 31 - Nov. 8, 2014


The Spirit of Oaxaca, a Beer & Mezcal Cultural Tour Itinerary:

Kicking off with "Day of the Dead" Festivities, this specialty tour brings to life the Santo Domingovibrant culture of Oaxaca and surrounding valley towns. This week-long, fully guided 'feast of the senses' includes visits to: 'artisanal' mezcal distillers; a Mexican craft brewery; traditional "pulque" and chocolate makers; demonstrations by Zapotec artists, including black pottery, knife-making, rugweaving and wood carving; plus historic sites like Santo Domingo Church and Monte Alban, an important pre-columbian archeological ruin.

The culinary capital of Mexico, we will indulge in some of Oaxaca's finest dining establishments, including Casa Oaxaca (one of the top restaurants in all of Latin America) during our eight days together. We will also learn some of its culinary secrets during a private cooking class with Oaxacan celebrity chef Pilar Cabrera. A unique artisanal mezcal is never far from grasp. The closing dinner will feature a traditional Zapotec Barbacoa feast.

Being a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site noted for it's colonial architecture, Oaxaca's mountainous setting and welcoming people combine to make this a magical travel destination.Teufel

Your hosts will be beer and travel expert Oliver Dawson, and Alvin Starkman, authority on Oaxacan culture, mezcal & pulque.

The Spirit of Oaxaca Mexico is an experience not to be missed! Space is limited.

Food beer pairings at the nano-brewery "Teufel"

Alvin Starkman
Alvin pouring artisanal mezcal

If you are interested in learning more about "The Spirit of Oaxaca Mexico: Mezcal & Beer Lovers' Cultural Tour " 2014, please send us an email, or give us a call at 416 662 6312 and we will let you know as soon as final itinerary and pricing is confirmed.

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Pulque fields
Pulque tasting in the Agave Fields

Natural infinity pool with bubbles...!

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